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Eladwen Frostmire

Faction: Human
Class: Mage
Tier: 1 – 1.5
Utilisation: Eladwen remains amongst the top echelon of heroes in this game, and is utilised appropriately with lots of players using her in tournaments and to climb the quick match ladder.

Pros and Cons (explanations after table):

Pros: Very strong ability1 Very versatile – can play control style, direct burn, or ally-less 2 Consistent with a strong offence AND defence3 Human card pool that works well with the Mage card set 4 Access to decent weapons/armors 5 Access to good unilateral card draw 6
Cons: No heal7 Susceptible to card steal and card discard powers7 Low starting health7

1 While I preferred her old ability, there is no denying that Eladwen’s current ability is still extremely strong. The meta shift to control and late game decks has given her ability added strength, as her ability to freeze any fatty ally for 2 turns can really hurt an opponent. Add to the fact that it is fairly cheap, meaning in an average game you get to use it 2-3 times (unless people use shadow energy modifier cards), and hits for some very decent damage, and you can see how this ability really helps Eladwen to exert some very strong board control. Her ability in particular now couples very well with her burn, and no current ally can withstand an ability + Supernova combination.

2 Eladwen actually can be played a number of ways. While her ability change has limited how quickly she can pile on the damage (long gone are the days of being able to do 28 damage by turn 7!), she still can death race with the right build and draw. She also works extremely well as a control mid-late game hero with her ability as mentioned above, and can even work as a solo stall hero. About the only thing she can’t do very well is mill you to death. If you like playing around with different builds, Eladwen is a great hero choice.

3 This is simple really and has to do with the fact that all of Eladwen’s useful cards are affordable and essentially interchangeable. For example, if you wanted to control the board, a Lightning Strike can be just as useful as a Fireball. Let’s assume you are running a control style deck and would like either card by turn 4 (also remember you will have your ability to use too!) so that you can start to clear the enemy board. Let’s also assume you have no draw yet and you have 4 copies of each card in your deck (all reasonable and realistic assumptions). The % chance that you will get either a Lightning Strike or Fireball is 90.49%. That is pretty good no? Also consider that you have access to a lot of other great cards, and you can fast see why Eladwen is consistent in both her ability to attack and defend.

4 Should you not have enough spells to keep your enemy allies at bay, Eladwen also has access to Retreat! which is a great card. Eladwen also benefits greatly from the Human allies, as having access to protectors can really hurt as she protects her stronger cheap allies and can still have resources left over for burn to control the opposition board or for draw using Tome of Knowledge. The whole set synergies very well quite nicely.

5 Voice of Winter and Snow Sapphire are both great shut down cards, especially in an ally-less Eladwen deck. Dagger of Unmaking gives Eladwen even more ability to control the board, being able to retreat any pesky fatty or protector so that she can dish out pain with her burn or drop some allies. She also has some nice niche armors that can work nicely in a lot of decks.

6Unilateral card draw is always good, as having more cards means there are more plays that you can make. Tome of Knowledge is a great card for decks that don’t have the death-race mentality and want to have a card advantage. Tainted Oracle can also supplement Tome quite nicely, and Honoured Dead is now a very nice card too.

7I lumped all these together because they are not really ‘make or break’. Eladwen’s biggest weaknesses currently are against thief decks which steal her oh so important burn (and thus limit her damage output and ability to control the board) or conversely make her discard her burn (Serena’s ability to make Eladwen discard that Supernova she was storing up for her big turn 5 play can make any Eladwen player sad). Eladwen also is weaker against heavy item users, but not so much as in previous versions, having now gained access to item destruction in the form of Ley Line Nexus. Probably her biggest nemesis currently is Amber, who can buff her Dimension Ripper to do 5 damage (big time hurt AND it steals one of your all important burn cards!) or buff a Jeweler’s Dream (which Eladwen has no way to destroy and can only bounce it back).

Ease of play for beginners - On a scale of 1-10 where 1 is hardest hero pick up and 10 is easiest hero to pick up:


Well suited for beginners. At lower ranked matches you can even do quite well with just the starter pack, so if you don’t want to spend money and are content buying a starter pack to grind out the cash for better cards, look no further than Eladwen Frostmire who will give you a healthy win percentage vs AI or at lower level quickmatch play which will translate into more gold.

Good match ups:

This section has now become very hard to do, as realistically the match ups in version 1.5 really depend on how you build your deck. Most match ups will be good for Eladwen with the right build, however some match ups that really stand out as ‘should wins’ for her include:

  • Ter Adun
  • Zhanna
  • Jericho
  • Nishaven
  • Victor
  • Baduuru
  • Logan
  • Moonstalker

Bad match ups:

See the cons table for a general description of weaknesses for Eladwen. The following heroes give her a harder time than most:

  • Amber
  • Serena
  • Zaladar
  • Majiya

Best suited style of play:

Very versatile actually. Best suited to any style other than mill.

Cost of creating a good deck:

Cheap. As I said before, a starter pack with Eladwen is a good place to start if you want to grind. If you want to jump straight into a decent build, a few starter packs should give you enough cash to be on the right path.


I haven’t got many specific Eladwen combo’s as most relate to her burn. Have a look at some of my other Human hero guides for general combos.

Eladwen in the future:

Her ability change has meant that Eladwen can remain strong for many versions to come. She may be outdone in terms of being able to death race in the future by Majiya (as any additional cards that help the death race play style will probably benefit Majiya’s ability more so than Eladwen’s), but being able to exert very strong offense and defence will see her be a force for a long time.

Good decks to check out on the forum:

Here are some good decks/discussions about Eladwen.

http://www.shadowera.com/showthread....uot-v1-5-tuned – Shameless plug, but I think this deck showcases some of Eladwen’s ability and the discussion that follows is interesting too.


http://www.shadowera.com/showthread....math-build-%29 – Some more good discussion about Eladwen now and also in the past (as this was originally a 1.29 deck)

http://www.shadowera.com/showthread....t-OP-u-serious – Finally, for a bit of fun I’ll include a video so that everyone can reminisce on what Eladwen used to be like in the death race era. Ah, nostalgia.

Overall Recommendation:

Highly recommended for beginners new to the game and wanting a strong, consistent hero to learn the game and farm for gold. Also a recommended hero for tournament play and to climb up the rankings.