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Welcome to what has now become the biggest project that A1 have ever tackled: Project Omega.

This has been a long time coming, and there is still so much to do as we now work on putting the finishing touches to our brand new deck builder, which is feature packed, and work on getting Project Omega out as an iPhone and Android application to allow people to have mobile access to all of the great information found here and a mobile deck builder.

Omega has been a huge project; over 200 hours of work have gone in to this project to ensure that each card and bit of information is accurate and to a high standard.

While all of our members have been involved in completing this project, I need to go out of my way to thank a few people that have been absolutely key to ensuring that it not only gets finished, but is done well. I have been blessed with being able to lead such a great team of people who were always so keen to help each other out and were passionate about completing this project. Knowing how much work went in to the hero articles, I can only imagine how much work the others have put in to everything else! The following people deserve a lot of thanks and credit for all of their efforts and hard work:

- GS693; who first thought of the idea and pushed us to getting the project going and finished

- BlanketEffect; for all of his hard work proof reading and fixing up all of the individual cards in the format you see now

- He-Man & Sisyphos; who assisted BlanketEffect in completing all of the card editing

- Atomzed, Otto7, iClipse, Bicin, Flycheung, Caitlyn0 and Ninjaducky; for their work in the initial card write ups

- CodeDomination and LyingDragon; who continue to work hard on the Android and iPhone apps respectively

- Figga; who's graphics and layouts are second to none (and will be implemented soon)

- TripleHBK's friend Rob (not currently a Shadow Era player); to have someone who doesn't even play Shadow Era step in to help us with coding, web design and the deck builder is amazing and we are very lucky to have had his help and hard work.

- All the non-A1 members who helped us out at some stage with advice and proofreading and card editing. In particular, TJ Barcafan, TJ B0Hater and E2E N3rd4Christ.

Last, but most certainly not least, TripleHBK. TripleHBK took over running this project when it started to falter and has done an absolutely outstanding job. Omega would not be here without him. He organised people to get all the information finished, created our website and the Omega website, wrote information for cards, organised articles, collated everything into HTML format, sent out lists of what needed completing, helped with editing, worked on the deckbuilder, continued to work on his epic videos and basically got Omega out; at times single handedly. His hard work and dedication have resulted in a fantastic product which everyone can enjoy and we can't thank him enough!

Now that the formalities are done, we can finally get on to some features of Omega.

Think of this as a type of Shadow Era wiki. You can find detailed analysis of all of the cards here, sorted very cleverly by filters made by TripleHBK and Rob. Clicking on a hero will lead you to my beginner's guide to Shadow Era heroes, which hopefully provides people with useful and detailed information on each hero type. Clicking on a card will bring up all of the card information, including some popular uses for the card and strengths/weaknesses.

We have also collated a collection of articles, some of which are exclusive to Omega and not found in the Shadow Era forums, separated into beginner and advanced sections for ease of use.

Finally, the deckbuilder: when all the bugs are ironed out, it will be a tool to use not just to build decks, but to give detailed statistical information on your deck to help everyone build the best decks possible. The export/import feature will also allow for easy deck saving.

Please enjoy Omega. It has been a tough, long, road to getting this far, but A1 is dedicated to ensuring that we continue to work on it, continue to improve and update it, and continue to bring you guys, the Shadow Era fans, a quality product to enjoy. Knowledge is power, and we hope that all of our efforts can be used to improve the overall quality of the game.


A1 - Evolution in Theory and always a step ahead of the meta!


- Wtzky (A1 Leader)