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This section exists for several reasons:

Firstly, I am very proud of every single one of my guild mates. It has been an honor to be chosen to lead them and I wanted to acknowledge the contributions and skills of each of them. This list is partially here as a way to keep records.

Secondly, I have noticed lately that more and more guilds are popping up, making the decision to join a guild much tougher for newer players. Of course every guild wants to advertise themselves as being the best and the best choice. Each guild is starting to develop their own "theme" if you will, of what makes them special. A1 however is determined to stick to our goals of being the best that we can be in all areas of the game, including: competitively, in theorycrafting, in enhancing the ShadowEra experience for other players on this forum and in deckbuilding. This thread will keep track of all of our accomplishments in each areas to showcase that we will continue to strive to excel in each of those areas.

Lastly, this will be a way to keep track of each of the threads that I deem worthy for people to read in terms of tactics and deck/theory crafting. No new player can be expected to read everything in the forums, there are literally thousands of posts. However hidden in some of the older posts are some gems, which are well worth a read even if the version they were written in has long since came and gone. It would be a shame (imo) to lose some of the great discussion and tactics that were posted in the past.

I will do my best to keep this list updated. It includes some accomplishments from our Alumni, who are sadly no longer in A1. No accomplishment by an ex A1 member is posted if that accomplishment was performed AFTER they left A1.

Tournament results

Please Note: Despite having many third place getters over the course of A1's history, we will not be listing them as our list will be too long. This does not diminish from their accomplishments however and we would like to congratulate all of our third place getters in all tournaments with this small note of acknowledgement that they have not been forgotten!

TL;DR - Winners list includes 55 wins, runner's up list includes 25 second place getters, 3rd place getters = too many to list. A1 have also won the first guild wars, and took out 1st, 2nd, 3rd AND 4th in the 2012 World Championship. Other recent notable accomplishments not mentioned include A1 taking out 1st-7th in the Crown Invitational.

Pre 1.26:


Australasia Regionals - LyingDragon
First Tournament - Yaemon (ex A1)

Runner's up:

First Tournament - LyingDragon
World Championship 2011 - LyingDragon
World Regional's - Sisyphos and Kentuequi (ex A1)



Le4gue - Hatts



Launch Tourn4ment - Raphael Majere (ex A1)
Masters tournament - Jjsia (ex A1) and CodeDomination
League 1 Division 1, Red - Danae (ex A1)
League 1 Division 1, Yellow - Master Blakes (ex A1)

Runner's up:

Launch Tourn4ment - Sisyphos
League 1 Division 1, Red - Kentuequi (ex A1)
League 1 Division 1, Blue - Leibruc (ex A1)



Crown 6 - Soothslyr (ex A1)
League 2 Division 1, Blue - Flycheung
League 2 Division 1, Green - NinjaDucky
League 2 Division 1, Yellow - iClipse
League 2 Division 1, Red - Danae (ex A1)
Hatts Pop Up - Soothslyr (ex A1)

Runner's up:

TLOTpSGR Tournament - Master Blakes (ex A1)
No-Holds-Barred - Jjsia (ex A1)
Crown 7 - Raphael Majere (ex A1)
League 2 Division 1, Green - BlanketEffect
League 2 Division 1, Red - Kentuequi (ex A1)
Hatts Pop Up - Jjsia (ex A1)



Friday Night Tournament - Soothslyr (ex A1)
PFG design tournament - Wtzky
League 2 post Season - FlyCheung
Crown 9 Masters 5 Classes Tournament - Sisyphos
Hatts Pop Up Tournament - Soothslyr (ex A1)
League 3 Division 1, Green - FlyCheung

Runner's up:

TJ Gauntlet finalist - Wtzky
Crown 8 - FlyCheung
Hatts Pop Up Tournament - Jjsia (ex A1)



"You and a friend" Pop up tournament - GreatOldOne
Test Server Streak Challenge #1 - GreatOldOne
Test Server Streak Challenge #2 - GreatOldOne
Pre-Crown Streak Challenge - GreatOldOne
A1-Alliance Pop Up Tournament #3 - Otto7
Crown 10 Masters 5 Classes Tournament - LyingDragon
TJ Iron Man Challenge Part II - Busti
Outlaw Pop up tournament - Holynoob
Extremely Tough Challenges: 3 Hero Challenge - Busti
End of Q1 Streak Challenge - Holynoob
TJ Pop Up Tournament (9/4) - NinjaDucky
TJ Pop Up Tournament (11/4) - Busti
A1 Troll Tournament - iClipse
League 4 Division 1, Blue - Cwhittastic
TJ Pop Up Tournament (27/4) - NinjaDucky
League 4 Division 1, Orange - Busti
League 4 Division 1, Red - Lyingdragon
TJ Pop Up Tournament (6/5) - Sisyphos
Nakatu Pop Up Tournament 3 - Busti
TJ Hendrickson pop up (3/6) - Busti
Painful's Pop up #2 - Painful_smile
Grand Prix - Sisyphos
TWAIN doubles tournament - Sisyphos (teamed up with FouDeLile - non A1)
Crown 12 6 Classes Masters Tournament - Cwhittastic
Nataku's Pop Up #9 - Hatts
Popup Championship Series Qualifier #1 - Busti
TJ Sponsored Pop-Up Tourney 6/25 - Busti
Best Pop Up Tourney in the World #3 - Painful_Smile
TJ Sponsored Pop-Up Tourney 6/25 - Busti
TJ Nataku X's Pop Up #12 - Painful_Smile
TJ Nataku's Pop UP #13 - NinjaDucky
Popup Championship Series Qualifier #8 - Hatts
Popup Championship Series Qualifier #9 - Hatts
Crown Invitational #1 - Jacqui
TJ Nataku's Pop UP #16 - Finneri
Pre-GenCon Win Streak Challenge - Painful_Smile
Jerry's 2 heroes Popup #1 - Jacqui
TJ SamuelJ's Backyard Brawl - CwhitTastic
TJ SalivanthX's Bald Eagle Pop-Up #2 - Jacqui
TJ Nataku's Secret Popup #2 - Jacqui
[Free Tournament] P0wnstars's 50$ Cash Prize - Flycheung
TJ Nataku's Pop Up #21 - Jacqui
GSE's SNB#4 (Saturday Night Bash) Sunday 14th October 2012 - Jacqui
Slugfest 2 - Busti
European WC Regional qualifiers - Jacqui
Popup: SNB #13 - Fakekiki
TJ The Gauntlet - Busti
TJ SamuelJ Backyard Brawl #2 - Jacqui
Scholars of the Shadows Pop Up Tourney - Vitality
Popup: SNB #14 - Fakekiki
[Official Shadow Era League] season 5 - Tournament of Champions - Jacqui
¡Torneo para hispano hablantes! - Soothslyress
CotCOOSD Championship Grand Finals - Busti
Team Juggernauts: Pop-up Tourney (Solarwind) 7/4 - Painful_Smile
TJ Sponsored Pop-Up Tourney (SamuelJ) 12/4 - Jacqui
TJ Sponsored Pop-Up Tourney (SamuelJ) 10/5 - Jacqui
Nataku's Pop Up #1 25/5 - Painful_Smile
Champion for Caitlyn's Dual Tournament (Internal AA1) - Larus
TJ Sponsored Pop-Up Tourney (SamuelJ) 28/5 - jdmbird1
Painful Pop-up #1 28/5 - Painful_Smile
Nataku's Pop Up #4 1/6 - Jacqui
Nataku's Pop Up #5 8/6 - Ipwnfour
Nataku's Pop Up #8 11/6 - Ipwnfour
TJ Sponsored Pop-Up Tourney (SamuelJ) 8/7 - Speed Freak
TJ skintampaX Hero Surprise no.1 - Icebear
Syelni's Popup #5 6/8 - Icebear
Kentuequi's popup #1 16/8 - Yesterday
Randomizer #3 Last of Heroes - 14/9 Ipwnfour
BP Danidista's Tournament for players new to tournaments #1 - Zyruel
Sunday Night Bash #18 - Qazzaq
Sea's Test Server Popup #1 - Biasair
Japan's Live Server Popup #1 - Biasair
666eroi's Popup - Biasair
TJ TS Popup - Little Gnome
BP Danidista's Tournament for players new to tournaments #4 - Roustabout
BP Zhou's Alternate Reality - JUSTICAR
TJ 666eroi's TS Popup - Roustabout
Nataku's Pop Up #24 (Test Server) - Busti
TS POP-UP #2: Twitch Livestream Galore!! - Busti
LDL's Test server Pop Up - painful_smile
AA1 Deja vu's Dark Prophecies Tourney - Holynoob
TJ SamuelJ Popup - Busti
12th LDL's Open Tournament - 1ndeed
TJ SamuelJ TS Popup - painful_smile
LDL's Pop up - painful_smile



Crown 15 - Sysiphos
Pepperoni Pizza torunament #2 - poochie2
*SLUGFEST DP* a Caitlyn0 tournament - Sisyphos
17° Torneo LDL - Fakekiki
LDL's Popup (Sunday June 2nd) - Holynoob
Summer Insanity #2 - Fakekiki
Shadow Era Japan Popup #2 - Biasair
The Gunslinger Tournament I - Busti
Shadow Era Japan Popup 06/15 no2 - Biasair
Shadow Era Japan Popup 07/06 - Biasair
TJ Sponsored Pop Up 07/27 - Roustabout
Random Heroes Popups - "Random Heroes" 8/3 - 1ndeed
BP Colosal's Surprise PopUp - 1ndeed
BP Challenge #11 PopUp (Tag Team) - JUSTICAR (together with AA1 FrenziedPeon)
WC2013 Europe qualifier - poochie2
Extremely Tough Challenge - Dead Man's Hand - qazzaq
A1 Biasair's Five Heroes Tournament - JUSTICAR
SEJP Pop up - POXY
AA1 Summer Insanity #4 - Qazzaq
Tj Swiss Popup #1 - LittleGnome
AA1 Summer Insanity #6 - Sjeromy
LDL Open 6 popup  - Sjeromy
Gun Slinger 2 - Justicar
Ban-Hero-You-Don't-Like Tournament #1 - D3ath
WC2013 Wildcard Event - Justicar
WC2013 Last Chance Qualifier - Lyingdragon
WOTBP Pop up #15 - qazzaq
Qualyfication ticket to the “Crystal of Ashytt” tournament: Eladwen - Tiffblue
Caitlyn0 and A1 Alliance Presents: SLUGFEST IV - Otto7
BP Challenge #26 - JUSTICAR
17 Pop-up Tag Team Tournament - Tiffblue & JUSTICAR
BP Challenge #35 - JUSTICAR
Solax's 16player popup - Otto7
Devil Cup Finals - Tiffblue & Biasair
Italian Summer League #9 - Justicar


Runner's up:

ShadowEra Unleashed tournament - Busti
4 Guild Invitational Elimination tournament - Sisyphos
Barcafan95 Pop Up Tournament - Busti
TJ Pop Up Tournament (12/4) - Busti
TWAIN doubles tournament - Busti and Cwhittastic
Nataku's Pop Up #8 - Painful_smile
Popup Championship Series Qualifier #3 - Hatts
Popup Championship Series Qualifier #4 - Vitality
Dungeon Crawl of the Blue Phoenix - Vitality
TJ Nataku's Pop UP #13 - Painful_Smile
Crown Invitational #1 - FlyCheung
TJ Nataku X's Pop UP #19 - Jacqui
SLUGFEST, a Caitlyn0 tournament - iClipse
TJ OneTrueBobX Twisty Pop-Up #4 - Jacqui
[Free Tournament] P0wnstars's 50$ Cash Prize - Busti
League 4 final - Busti
Asia WC Regional Qualifiers - youanthe
TJ SamuelJ Backyard Brawl #2 - Busti
Open Tournament by LDL #6 - Soothslyress
Scholars of the Shadows Pop Up Tourney - 1ndeed
Crown (14) Tournament, Meltdown - Wtzky
Scholars of the Shadow Pop Up #2 - 1ndeed
WotBP Tourney: Test Server Only: Dark Prophecies - Busti
BP Mip's test server Pop up 2/12/2013- Ron Zacapa
AA1 Tournament - Ron Zacapa
Popup16 - 1ndeed
TJ SamuelJ Popup - painful_smile
TJ SamuelJ TS Popup - iClipse
LDL Popup #19 - 1ndeed
Zhou's 5-classes - Biasair
Popup 6/22 - Fakekiki
Biasair's 8-Man Sealed Tournament - JUSTICAR
BP Challenge #13 - Jacqui
Light vs Darkness Tourney - JUSTICAR
Jungles King Tourney #1 - JUSTICAR
TJ SamuelJ's Sunday Pop-up 26/3 - Jacqui
Team Juggernauts: Pop-up Tourney (Solarwind) 10/4 - DanielSchaab
TJ Sponsored Pop-Up Tourney (SamuelJ) 14/4 - Painful_Smile
TJ Sponsored Pop-Up Tourney (SamuelJ) 28/4 - Icebear
Runner-up for Caitlyn's Dual Tournament (Internal AA1) - KhaosMistress
Nataku's Pop Up #3 (1/6) - Icebear
Nataku's Pop Up #4 (1/6) - Vitality
TJ Sponsored Pop-Up Tourney (Hendrickson) 3/6 - Jacqui
Painful Pop-up 2 (4/6) - MZAAM
KA's Live Pop up #8 - Qazzaq
AA1 Summer Insanity #3 - Sjeromy
AA1 Summer Insanity #5 - Qazzaq
Champions League - Deja Vu
LDL twist 2 - Skinnypuppy
Twain 2: DP edition - JUSTICAR (teamed up with TJ Bayushi)
BP challenge #19 - Tiffblue
Caitlyn0 and A1 Alliance Presents: SLUGFEST IV - Vyz
BP Challenge #24 - Kip thorp
2nd in Bounty Price: The mercenary challenge - Tiffblue
Veles' Random Popup - JUSTICAR
Test Server popup - Kip thorp
Italian Summer League #6 - Justicar

2012 World Championships Top 32 qualifiers:

A1 Otto7
MZAAZM (drop out, leaving place to Flycheung)


2012 World Championship winners

A1 dominated the 2012 World Championship finals, bringing home the hatrick. Congratulations to all of our players, and especially the following four:

World Champion (winner of 2012 WC) - iClipse

World Championship runner up - Flycheung

World Championship third place - Busti

World Championship fourth place - Jacqui


2013 World Championship

RunnerUp of Grand Finals Day 1 - Lyingdragon

Winner of Grand Finals Day 2 - Lyingdragon

RunnerUp of Epic Bo7 Playoff - Lyingdragon

So Lyingdragon got the second place in WC2013, an incredible achievement for one of our strongest and most respected players!
He showed amazing skill (and stamina!) during the whole event, both in decklock and sideboard tournaments.
A1 is proud that such a great player took its badge so high in 2013 World Championship!

(Congratulations to 2013 World Champion KA Leo from all A1 members)

Guild Wars #1 winners

A1 successfully won the first guild wars hosted by BDK 16 April 2012 against Team Juggernauts (TJ), Enlisted 2 Endure (E2E) and Shinning Stars (SS).

A1 Champions: Wtzky (7 wins), iClipse (6 wins) and Kamman13 (5 wins)

A1 members hired by Wulven:

Calmdown (ex A1)
GondorianDotCom (ex A1)
MattOG (ex A1)
NachyoChez (ex A1)
OrangeHatGuy (ex A1)
Rumsey (ex A1)
Soothslyr (ex A1)

Notable articles written by A1 members:


Improving at Shadow Era Through Willpower
Deck Building Tips
Threat Theory, Answer Theory
How To Use Retreat!


Wtzky's Beginner's Guide to SE Heroes
Epic Game Replay - Wtzky vs Barcafan95 - Guantlet Final


Beginners Help: Deck Building and Strategy Considerations
SE Strategy: Who's The Beatdown?
SE Strategy: Race vs Attrition, Control Decks, and Inevitability
SE Strategy: Card Drawing Engines
SE Strategy: Combos and Booster Cards
SE Strategy: Quick Match vs Best Of Three - Part 1


Card Draw Engines and Card Advantage Strategy
Damage Strategies and Counters
Mage Strategy and the Art of Death Racing
The 1.28 Meta and Roshambo
Amber the Death-racer

Soothslyr (ex A1):

Priest Tactics Forum
Ways to Play


A case for slightly bigger deck size


The Beginner's Guide to Sacrificing


Planning your turn (Guide to avoid simple mistakes)


Caitlyn's Deck Building Guide


Knowing Your Advantages and How to Use Them


Burn All the Resources

Notable decks and deck discussion threads:

Gravebella Beatdown - Killtrend
Gwenneth Powerhouse - iClipse
Eladwen Frost Burn - Wtzky
DarkClaw Hidden Machine - CodeDomination
Boris Perfect Machine - BlanketEffect (further tweaked by Raphael Majere [ex A1] for 1.27 Tournament)
Sucker Punch Nishaven - Kamman13
1.27 Banebow - Sisyphos
Zaladar Mega Rush - Raphael Majere (ex A1)
Drakkon's Lazy Wolf - Drakkon
Solo Ter Adun - Caitlyn0
Swiss Army Priest - BlanketEffect
Eladwen Controlled Burn - Wtzky
ZTC 3.0 - The Feedbomb Dynamo - BlanketEffect

Notable projects:

ShadowEra Deckbuilder
Shadow Era Duel Videos - TripleHBK
Epic Battle Videos by Figga - Figga
A1 Academy
Acolytes of A1
Various A1 hosted tournaments
Project Omega (see side links)

And of course, State of the Era (see side links)

Siege on A1 Hall of Fame:

The Siege on A1 is a competition A1 host to see if anyone can pull of the almost impossible task of defeating 7 A1 members in a row with only 3 decks. For more information, please see our Siege on A1 thread in the Organized Play section of the ShadowEra forums (link). With over 17,000 crystals and bonus prizes up for grabs, this contest is intentionally very difficult. We will use this section to congratulate and celebrate achievements of people who are brave enough to tackle this challenge! As of this update, nobody has completed the challenge.

First person to make stage 2 - TJ Hendrickson

Person to make it the furthest - A1 Painful_Smile (in the internal A1 Siege on A1; Painful Smile was defeated in match 3 of stage 2, just 2 wins away from winning the whole thing!)



Oldest surviving guild
Still one step ahead, and continually changing the meta

Last update: August 27th 2014