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First of all, a bit of history.

A1 was founded in Shadow Era community to be a guild aiming to be the best there is. A place where the best players went to share their decks, play against each other, improve on their skills and knowledge and subsequently use their knowledge to advance that of other players. In the past we have had alliances with sister guilds, had prominent figures as part of our community (including three of the current development team employed by Wulven and an ex-Wulven employee responsible for the first set!) and released many initiatives to help the ShadowEra community as a whole, like Project Omega, the noticeable articles written by A1 members, the State of the Era podcasts, the Epic Battles Videos and many others.

A1 has gone through many changes, the last one in order of time is meant to bring it to a whole new level. In fact, A1 is now no longer a guild dedicated exclusively to SE, but has evolved into the first Multi-TCG guild, acting as governing body uniting its new chapters:

A1-SE (Shadow Era)

A1-MMDoC (Might & Magic: Duel of Champions)

A1-SF (Solforge)

A1-HS (Hearthstone)

As part of this process A1 and its former sister guild Acolytes of A1 also came to the conclusion to merge in order to keep the family even more united than before while expanding it into more games.
The principles that made A1 what it is remain the same and will be applied to all games we now contribute to.

Please browse through a list of our accomplishments on our Accomplishment page: you can see here how we continue to be the best in all of the objectives below.
Our objectives are thus:

  • To continue to improve the games and the communities we're involved in:
    1. As such, we have some exciting initiatives that are aimed at improving the general state of the games and the experience that everyone has playing Shadow Era and Might & Magic: Duel of Champions. We have many new projects and project ideas that are coming along.
  • To continue to enjoy the game and be challenged by it:
    1. We welcome further competition from all guilds and hope to see more competitive play, more guild wars and more tournaments.
    2. A1 will remain a place of integrity and with the stance that bugs/exploits used to alter the course of a game do not belong in A1.
  • To continue to challenge the meta and stay a step ahead of it:
    1. We will continue to share our best decks with the communities once we have built them (usually well ahead of everyone else/the meta) and have built counters to them. This is in the hopes that we can teach others how to deck craft and show them the strengths of each meta shift as it changes.
    2. We will continue to nurture a culture where we play test our best decks against each other and use our knowledge and time to come up with the very best decks and strategies possible.
  • To continue to share our knowledge and be challenged by fresh and exciting ideas:
    1. The A1 forums are a fun place to be, full of camaraderie, sharing of knowledge, advancement of ideas about the games, the future of the games, advanced tactics, deck discussions and how to go about giving back to the community. We want members that can add to this experience, but also members that want to use it to improve their skill level in playing, theorycrafting and deckbuilding.
  • To continue to be the best of the best:
    1. We already have (and have had) some great players who have achieved incredible accomplishments in a lot of tournaments.
      Some examples?

      - Shadow Era: in the World Championship 2012 iClipse Flycheung, Busti and Jacqui claimed the top 4 spots, and in the World Championship 2013 Lyingdragon got an amazing second place.
      - MMDoC: in the World Championship 2012 Ipwnfour/MnM vs. Smarties had an amazing drive to the second place.

      We want this success to continue, and as such we are looking for friendly, active and competitive players who aim to be the best there is.

All of our members abide by our requirements that you can find in the following threads:
A1 - Shadow Era

A1 - MMDoC

A1- Solforge


A1 is now taking applications for membership!


If you wish to be a part of the A1 family, please sign up to our forums and express your interest in joining A1.
Otherwise you can also check these links:

A1 Shadow Era recruitment thread

A1 Might & Magic Duel of Champions recruitment thread

and follow the instructions you will find there.

- A1 Leadership Team

Last update: July 15th 2014